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Bringing your cat to the Vet – Reduce the Stress!!

 Your cat is an independent territorial animal , sensitive to sounds and smells, so the experience of coming out of this comfort zone at home, into a bus or car and into the vets can be really stressful both for you and him or her.

 Here are some tips to make the experience more pleasant for both of you.

 Choose a good carrier

It needs to be robust and easy to clean

Top opening carriers are easier—your cat can be gently lifted in and out.

Covering the carrier with a blanket or towel can keep the cat calm

Secure the carrier in a footwell or on a seat so it can’t move.

Carry it gently avoiding swinging or banging the carrier.

 Familiar smells reduce the stress for your cat.

Use the carrier at home so the cat gets used to it and it doesn’t only appear for the vet visit or cattery

Put a bed in the carrier that smells of home

Rub a cloth around the cat’s face to pick up scent and then rub it around the carrier and leave it inside.

Consider spraying the carrier with Feliway (We can supply this to you) 30 minutes before using it.

If your cat panics, wrap him/her in a towel or blanket and put both in the carrier.

Take spare bedding (smelling of home) in case the cat soils the carrier.

 In the waiting room

Keep your cat on the seat or on your lap rather than on the floor.

Keep the cat carrier covered

Avoid the cat being able to make eye contact with other pets.

If we are busy, you can keep your cat in the car until we are ready to see you, or ask and we will offer you a seat in another room if we have one available.

 …and don’t forget

If there is anything you don’t understand, or if you struggle giving medication, please ask us, we are here to help.