Nurse Clinics - Damson House Vets

Nurse Clinics

Our nurses run regular clinics at the practice and are able to offer guidance and advise you on all your pet's needs. Weight watcher clinics are particularly successful - did you know that a third of Britain's pet dogs are overweight? Cats are also getting bigger with one in four now overweight. Pet obesity can contribute to diabetes, arthritis and other serious conditions. Too many treats and a lack of exercise can reduce your pet's quality of life and life-expectancy. With our help and your commitment your pet can be fit, healthy and happy again. Other nurse consultations include nail clipping, grooming, rabbit care, feeding advice and flea and worm prevention as well as our new Travelling Pet Clinic for advice on how to travel abroad safely with your pet.

Senior Clinics

We believe older pets should have regular checks to help identify early signs of ageing such as weight gain/loss, dental disease, osteoarthritis, diabetes, kidney disease and many other age related conditions. Early detection often allows us to delay the onset of ageing signs, to help maintain good health and an excellent quality of life well into old age. Any dog or cat over the age of 8 years can benefit.

Dental Clinics

85% of dogs and cats have some dental disease by the age of 3. We encourage pet owners to look after their pets' teeth by daily brushing. If this is not possible, we can advise you about mouthwashes and diets that may help. Brushing your pet's teeth daily is very important because plaque and tartar can build up on the teeth very quickly, causing bad breath, pain and gum disease. We now know that having a healthy mouth increases an animal's life expectancy, as the bacteria that cause gum disease can cause problems with internal organs too. Despite regular tooth-brushing, professional dental treatment is often still needed and most cats and dogs will need their teeth scaling and polishing regularly to keep their mouths healthy. If teeth are fractured or have cavities, or if the gum disease is very severe, we may need to extract teeth. If you need some help and advice, our nurses can show you how to clean your pet's teeth yourself at home. They are on hand to give advice or answer any questions you have on dental care and the many different products now available for your pet.

Neutered Pet Clinics

Our qualified nurses run our Neutered Pet Clinics to help pets keep their slim young figures after they have been neutered. After neutering, pets need about 10% fewer calories than they did before so we recommend adjusting their diet. Cats are 3 times more likely and dogs twice as likely to become overweight after neutering if their diet is not controlled. All pets which are neutered at Damson House Vets are invited to come along to the neutered pet clinic at no extra cost.