Pet Care - Damson House Vets

You may be surprised to hear that we love seeing happy, healthy pets as well as being dedicated to helping those that are sick or injured. Our nurses run free weight watcher clinics, clinics for adolescent, senior and neutered pets as well as dental clinics to help you look after your pets’ teeth at home. All our new puppies are invited to our popular puppy parties where they can learn to socialise while you pick up tips from our nurses and each other. Our nurses are also on hand to discuss control of parasites as we believe that individual pets have different needs according to their lifestyle. It is now much easier to travel abroad with your pet. As well as being able to provide you with a passport for him or her, we can help you avoid certain diseases when you travel such as heartworm, leishmaniasis and tick-borne diseases so do come and chat to one of our vets before you go.