Travelling With Pets - Damson House Vets

Protecting your pet abroad

Your pet has been microchipped, had a rabies vaccination, you have a shiny new passport for him or her and you are ready for your holiday. You are used to protecting your pet from fleas and worms in the UK but in some countries, there are ticks and biting flies which carry diseases that we do not get over here. Some of these diseases such as leishmaniasis and heartworm can cause serious illness. We have started a Travelling Pet Clinic where you can come and chat to one of our experienced nurses about your holiday plans. Sorry, we can’t book your flights for you but we can look at your itinerary, tell you whether we feel your pet might be at risk and come up with a personal parasite control plan for your pet. It is never too early to discuss your pet’s travel plans, we would normally recommend starting to use products 4 weeks before you go, and in some cases we recommend a vaccine against leishmaniasis which you need to start 2 months before hand. Please phone for more information or to book an appointment 0121 711 3775